Guide owned...Angler approved...
Guide owned...Angler approved...
Guide owned...Angler approved...

Ascension Bay Guides

We fish with two guides in every boat. This means that each angler will have individual attention from an accomplished guide in how to effectively fish the Bay. Many anglers like to wade for bonefish and permit with one guide while the other angler and guide target tarpon and snook from the boat. Our guides know the area intimately and have been guiding anglers for over fifteen years. They are polite, friendly and speak excellent English.

We fish with two guides in every skiff, giving you an extra pair of eyes and hands while out on the water. Fishing out of super pangas that can run as swallow as eight inches of water, you go where the fish are.

All skiffs use water proof UHF radios (that get updates on weather and communicate with home base, guides can communicate when separated during wade fishing), life vests and have first aid kits on board.

As a bonus you have Capt. Greg Rahe, Florida Keys fly fishing guide of 18 years, and certified Jedi Fly Caster willing to help saltwater first timers, or expand an experienced casters horizon.



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About CGS

Fisherman Lodge is a full service fly fishing lodge located in Punta Allen, Mexico, and dedicated to offering top guiding services for the waters of Ascension Bay. Opened in 2008, we are locally owned and operated by fly fishing guides for fly fishing anglers.

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