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After a life time of experience in both boutique bakeries and upscale restaurants, Chef Lupita now brings her culinary skills to Fisherman Lodge, as it's head chef and pastry chef. Drawing on her vast knowledge of regional favorites, Lupita has added her own flair and personal touch, without loosing the essence of Yucatan cuisine.

Everything is prepared with fresh fruits, herbs, vegetables, poultry, and local seafood. Lobster is available in season. You will never leave the table hungry or in awe of Lupita's mastery in the kitchen and eye appealing presentations.

Breakfast always includes fresh squeezed juices, like orange, cantaloupe, and watermelon. Main courses of fresh crepes with compote of pears, apple, and kiwi infused with fresh, native spices are always a huge hit. As is 'Huevos Lupita,' - scrambled eggs with smoked Mexican sausage (chorizo), queso, sweet peepers, onions, and just enough heat to remind you are in Mexico.

Lunch is on the boat with a cooler filled with varied sandwiches of lobster or shrimp salad, smoked ham and cheese, Mexican tuna salad, spicy fried chicken, or client requests. Matched with plenty of assorted sides and water, soft drinks, or beer.

After cleaning up from a great days fishing, retire to the shade of the flower garden and partake of the world's best Margaritas or your choice of an ice-cold beverage and treat yourself to Chef Lupita's appetizers. Varied daily with choices of ceviche, fresh guacamole, salbutes, panuchos, nachos de queso, frijoles rancheros, taquitos, or Mole de Lupita.

Fisherman Lodge dinners are served alfresco on the upstairs veranda and are quite the experience. You will start with a regional soup such as Sopa de Lima, Lentejas, or Albondigas. Then enjoy fresh, varied daily entries, like whole grilled snapper, lobster in season, Beef Arrachera, Tamales Rojo de Lupita, Enchiladas Verde, or Mole de Pollo. Served with fresh vegitables and homemade tortillas.

Try to save room for desert. Chef Lupita loves to make cakes, cobblers, and pies!



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Fisherman Lodge is a full service fly fishing lodge located in Punta Allen, Mexico, and dedicated to offering top guiding services for the waters of Ascension Bay. Opened in 2008, we are locally owned and operated by fly fishing guides for fly fishing anglers.

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