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  • Fast Action 9ft 9wt
  • Large Arbor Reel
  • 200yrds gel-spun backing
  • WF9F SWT Fly Line
  • GR Snook Leader

Ascension Bay Snook

Ascension Bay boasts some the finest sight casting for big snook to be had anywhere. Snook to 40 pounds prowl the mangrove edges and run the flats edges in as little as two feet of water. Most of the fishing is done deep in the secret backcountry, Green Rooms, where casting accuracy to a plus. Baitfish patterns and topwater poppers elicit aggresive strikes. Matched with a nine or ten weight fly rod, floating line, sixty pound strike tippit and a strong constitution.

Short seven or eight foot leaders with 60lb shock tippets. It is all about casting accuracy not distance.

Traditional Keys patterns in black and red, black and purple. EP baitfish in natural colors. Toads in all colors. Hook sizes 2 to 2/0.



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About CGS

Fisherman Lodge is a full service fly fishing lodge located in Punta Allen, Mexico, and dedicated to offering top guiding services for the waters of Ascension Bay. Opened in 2008, we are locally owned and operated by fly fishing guides for fly fishing anglers.

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